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A stairway is the opening statement in any home, and we aim to provide solid wood stair treads that will make the opening statement of your home one of beauty and elegance. Our hardwood stair treads are American made precision manufactured from solid wood, not wood veneer, by our skilled craftsman at our manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

We are a family owned and operated manufacturer whose focus is to provide the highest quality product in the industry, at the best value possible. We offer standard wood stair treads, single or double return stair treads, and landing tread in various hardwoods including: Oak stair treads (Red and White), Walnut, American Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, and Yellow Poplar (additional species are available upon request). All of our Stair Treads are available with custom Handcrafted surfaces by request; Hand Scraped, Saw Kerf, and Wire Brushed. Our stair treads are manufactured with the highest quality machining techniques, ensuring they will last through a lifetime of use.

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